Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anna's 'horses'

A couple weeks ago when Grandpa & Grandma Wallman were here, Anna and Grandma played outside and built a corral for Anna's 'horses'. They were picking up sticks from the yard and somehow ended up doing this. Anna has an incredibly vivid imagination!

Here she's opening the 'gate'--a stick perched precariously between the sandbox and the chair!

Riding her 'horse'--she was insistent that her baby came outside with her and rode along. :)

The corral. I was going to go back out later this week and take better pics with my new camera, but the wind, sleet and snow we've been getting yesterday and today knocked it all down. She hasn't seen that yet...every time we'd walk by it (it's right by the carport), she would check to make sure the gate was still closed! :) I have a feeling we'll be rebuilding the corral if it ever warms up!

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