Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm a girl, what can I say?

I think this new blog background thing might be like purses...even better since they're FREE! haha I think I've settled on this one though. I like it...for now:)
And is my site counter right?? It says over 5,000 (at least it did in my preview mode). What in the world is that all about?!
That verse from Psalm that is in my header--it's on a stained glass thing that Aaron's mom gave me after Anna was born. She found it while I was in labor with Anna and thought the verse was very appropriate for what I was going through (3 days of labor!). I guess over the last 3 1/2 years, it's kind of just become part of my kitchen window. I mean, I see it but I don't read the verse or think about it, ya know? But when I was editing that picture of the flowers, I saw that in the corner and realized what an awesome verse that is. How wonderful is it that I have a God who asks me to cast my burdens on Him??? And He promises to sustain me through my trials--whether great or small! What an awesome God I serve.
Okay, Jacob is screaming again:( Guess I better go see what the matter is...poor baby. He's usually such a great sleeper.


Tim and Eliana said...

that really is a wonderful verse. Really like the new look in your blog.

Beth Wheatcroft said...

That is a great verse - so great that it's tattooed on my ankle (yes the one with the typo). The rest of the verse says, "for He will never let the righteous fall." He is a mighty God - THE Mighty God! Oh and I love the new look as well - where can a girl get herself a sassy blog like that?

Alisha said...

Looks good. Hope the kids are feeling better.