Friday, January 30, 2009

Lovin' the warmth!

Today was a gorgeous day for January!! It was jacket weather and we went for a walk to the store and then the kids played in the sandbox for a long time...I had to finally bring them in with MUCH protest!

*gasp* Is this a STICK???

Jacob: grunt
Anna: Tank you Jacob!
She was making me a birthday cake (even though my birthday is about 9 months away!)

My kids love being outside! From the time they were babies!!

If I can ever get the video to work...these 2 pics are a preview :)

Look at her cheeks!!!! I just had to laugh...over and over!


Alisha said...

What was the temp. there today? It was probably as warm as it was here. We had another cold front come through, 50-60's. Haha.

Jennifer said...

Well, at one point yeterday the atomic clock showed 91 outside but I know that wasn't right!! It was probably 50-60s yesterday and today, though. Cold front coming in tomorrow :(