Saturday, January 3, 2009


We took the kids to Portrait Innovations today. Considering there were 6 kids, ages 8 months to 8 years, I think we did good to get ONE good picture!!! It was tiring, I might have sweat a little, but I'm really glad we did it.

Mia decided to do the open-mouthed thing in quite a few pictures. Bryce thought the assistant was a little crazy. This is one of about 3 pictures that Hudson wasn't crying (he got a little overwhelmed with all the adults trying to get him to smile--and the assistant was pretty loud). I don't know why Anna was leaning forward.
Mia, again with the wide mouth. Hudson is about to lose it. Bryce still isn't sure. And Jacob is about to let loose a big ol' sneeze.

Hudson's had enough. Bryce & Jacob are waiting for the ball she was using to keep them still and hopefully smiling.

One of Jacob's get-away attempts. Alisha is trying to bribe him with food (very rarely does that fail!). Kaedyn is cheesin' it up. Anna is looking at me. Whew! Are you tired yet??

Ahhhh....finally! That's good enough!

Now for my kids. Good grief.

Jacob would rather play with the football (big surprise!).

Perfect picture of Jacob! But Anna decided to do the "are you serious?!" look.

Again, way to go Jacob! Now Anna is scratching her head, thinking what do they want from me?!

Ohhh, duh!! They want me to still here and smile pretty!

That's as good as it gets...Jacob's not surprised, he's just waiting for the football to be given back! I told the lady it's too bad you can't transpose one of Jacob's good pictures into this one. Oh well. They're still pretty stinkin' cute :D

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Tim and Eliana said...

those are some good pictures, and really like your comments under the photos, I need to do that more on our blog. We also want to get some professional photos of us with Andrew. But we better do it soon, or Andrew will be crawling, and will try to make a get away like Jacob.