Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas in Iowa

Well, we're finally home! And we all slept like babies last night (that's really not a very good analogy...). I finally went and checked on Jacob at 10:45am and he was just starting to stir! We got home late last night, but as always the kids were ready to play for a while. Which works out pretty good, really, because then I have time to unpack the suitcases (otherwise they usually end up sitting in the hallway for days!).
We had a lot of fun in Iowa with both of my brothers' families. Aside from a few having nasty colds, that is! We played games, the boys watched a LOT of football, the kids played and played, and we even had guys'/girls' nights out! I didn't get any pictures of opening presents (I'm sure my stupid camera batteries were dead), but here are a few others.

I think the favorite (and loudest!) game was CatchPhrase. The guys didn't win very often! And more than once we had to remind ourselves (or be reminded!) to quiet down since babies were sleeping!! Jeremy making sure Mom doesn't cheat...
Yeah, you gotta watch him...he definitely tries to cheat! ;)

Alisha making sure Dad doesn't cheat (are you noticing a theme here???)

Dad is trying really hard to give clues...Jeremy is puzzled and since Cassie isn't on his team, she can laugh! :)

Yes, she really is sound asleep. Playing with all her cousins really wore her out!

Four of the 6 grandkids--Bryce, Jacob, Kaedyn, and Anna. They all enjoyed playing the piano together (for a bit anyway!)

Jacob and Bryce had a grand time taking a bath together! They are 8 months apart, but wear the same size and I'm pretty sure Jacob weighs more than Bryce (he might be as tall too). Jacob's head is certainly bigger! ha (he's got a big head)

For gifts this year, the girls exchanged with each other and the boys exchanged with each other. Cassie gave these to the girls--very cool! It was a project her sister had for a class. Can you see what it is? (I know, it seems really obvious, but the men didn't see it to begin with!) Aaron had the beautiful frames made for them. Stinemetz was a lot longer! Maybe when I get all the Christmas things put away I'll have Aaron hang that up. Very cool idea.

And we're finally on our way home!! Jacob was watching.....can you guess? Of course, Dora! He doesn't leave the headphones on very long, but then he doesn't really seem to mind if he can't hear the movie.

Anna stayed busy playing her new Dora game on my computer. I still can't believe how good she is at them! It's teaching her letters, colors, and numbers even if she doesn't realize it. :)
It's good to be home in our own beds, but we really enjoyed getting to see all of our families!

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