Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Boy :)

Jacob is so different than Anna! Not only the normal boy/girl differences, but personality. He is completely fascinated with anything that spins. Wheels, Anna's jewelry box ballerina, the wheels on his pack-n-play (that's sitting folded up in the hallway), wheels on get the drift:) He is ORNERY! He gets a NO or a 'pank...doesn't phase him. He'll fake cry and then turn around and try again. And again. And again! If he's someplace new, he has to investigate absolutely everything. It's exhausting to go on trips with him! He's not naughty about it, just so curious. But at the same time, he will sit and watch an entire episode of Dora without moving. He'll sit and look at books forever. He's very good about entertaining himself. He's also incredibly stubborn (hence the minimal walking and talking!). And he has a one track mind (I guess that's the same as his sister!) He's such a blessing and I love walking into his room after he wakes up--he's always standing there waiting for me. And when he sees me (or Anna!), he just jumps up and down and squeals with delight! What a joy he is to his Daddy and me!!

His comatose Dora watching :) He knows how to relax!

He still messes with the desktop, but he does like playing with his new "laptop". Mostly he just turns it off and on (pretty much what he does to the desktop!)

The other evening, both kids wanted to help me fix supper. Jacob can now climb up onto the chairs by himself, so we have to keep them pushed in--otherwise he's on top of the table in a flash, right Aunt Cara?! He's fast. He started out just stirring...
Hmmm...this looks kinda yummy...might have to try a bite!

I don't remember why Anna was grouchy (probably b/c she was hungry! She's growing b/c she eats like there's no tomorrow!). Jacob sure did have a blast being up there. He probably stood up there for 45 min!

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Alisha said...

They sure look bigger from even a month ago!