Monday, June 29, 2009

Anna's Birthday Week

Okay, so blogger is being obnoxious and won't let me move my pictures around! So they're backward in order. Anyway!
Anna is her father's daughter. She is milking this birthday thing for all it's worth!!! It doesn't help that she's had a week between her actual birthday and her party! We were kinda low key on her actual birthday. We made cupcakes but that was about it. Oh, she got to choose what we had for supper. Aaron made the mistake of saying something about how much she's going to love her present from Mommy & Daddy (that she'll get at her party Saturday). She got so sad and said "But it's my birrfday today. No present on my birrfday??" This was after she woke up, asked if it was her birthday and ran out to look at the kitchen. When she didn't see any decorations, she came back and with the biggest lip sticking out and said "No decorations? It's my birrfday." So guilt was really piled on when the whole present thing happened!!! Thank you Dollar General for being open past 8pm! I ran up and picked out a little something for her. Daddy felt really bad, so he said after baths, Mommy would be back and they could go on a scavenger hunt for her surprise! She was so excited!

I found a fun little mixer that I knew she would love. She did!

So did Jacob! He thought it was awesome how the beaters actually spin around and a little light comes on!!

I couldn't believe it...not 10 min. after getting her new, special surprise, she--completely on her own--let Jacob play with it! She's such a great sister!

She's been baking up a storm! :)

This was after she found her first surprise (some wall stickers). I gave her 2 hints about where to find her next surprise (the mixer)!

I got them cute flower and lady bug wall stickers for $1. She loves them. Of course, so does Jacob! :)
Okay, that's all for now. I've got another post to do about HARVEST! We had so much fun and even got to take a special friend with us! I'm exhausted, though so I better finish my actual work and go to bed!

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