Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oh my stars. We got MORE rain. It poured like you wouldn't believe Saturday. After it finally stopped, I stepped off our front curb into KNEE DEEP water!!! I've never seen that much water here. I'm so glad we have a sump pump!! It's been going like crazy since Saturday. Aaron said after the first "flood" he thought Glad we just spent $400 on a sump pump that we'll probably never need again! Wrong-o buddy! Our neighbors' pump has been going like crazy, too but the house on the other side of them--theirs hasn't gone but maybe 3 times since the first flood! It's crazy.

Completely flooded. And yes, our trash can knocked over so now there's nasty, wet trash all over. Lovely.

My garden even flooded!! Our yard slopes down, but we built up the garden about a foot or so when we put it in. There was actually water bubbling up from under one tomato plant!!

Flooded...awfully close to getting in the shed! That would have been very bad.

that's our neighbors' camper that they're loaning us for the 4th when all my family will be here to celebrate Anna's birthday! she is so so so excited about it (both the camper and her cousins coming!)

The kids had so much fun playing in all the water!

Okay, Jacob got this race car book almost a year ago, I think. He's always loved it (*gasp* shocker, I know!). But just recently, he discovered it again and he L.O.V.E.S it! Lucky for him, Anna doesn't have any qualms reading it to him over. And over. And over. And over. I think she must have read that book to him 20 times in one afternoon! I'm uploading some videos. One of them is of her reading it to him. The book is about 5 pages and it rhymes, so she has it memorized and can "read" it to Jacob. They both love it!

After reading it to him 10 times in the bedroom, I hear her say
"Just a minute Jacob. I have to go potty. Just wait."
Then I look down the hallway to see Jacob trailing after Anna, book in hand. Then I hear
"Jacob! I have to go potty, just wait a minute!"
So I peek into the bathroom and see this:

What a sister!!!

Just hold on Jacob! I have to pull my panties up!!!

And this is what happens when Jacob gets ahold of a yogurt container when I'm on the phone with the internet company!! Isn't that just some lovely art on my floor?! Oh well.
So things have been fun around here! And we got a surprise visit from my parents for Father's day! The kids were excited to say the least! This week will be spent getting ready for all the family and Anna's party. Oh, and we have termites so tomorrow will be spent at Kim's while Orkin does their (ridiculously expensive) thing for that! When it rains, it pours...in more than one way!!!

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Staci said...

LOL!!! That bathroom picture is a keeper for all times! I love it!