Sunday, June 7, 2009

VBS Blast Off!

Anna's VBS program was tonight! She did such a good job with all the songs and actions! She had so much fun and is a little disappointed that there won't be another program tomorrow!!! The pics aren't very good :( The lighting wasn't great and I was at the back of the sanctuary, so my flash didn't do a lot of good. Oh well!

Anna and 2 of her classmates (I think she was the only girl??). Jake was night and day between this morning and tonight. This morning, the kids got up and sang a couple songs during church (Anna refused to go up there). Jake was HILARIOUS! He was so cute and everybody was just rolling. Tears were streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. He was 2 beats late and loud on the words and the actions, he fell down once, and he was just glowing and having so much fun. It was precious to see! Tonight...he just stood there. Didn't sing, didn't do the motions. It was funny.

Best friends! :)

The big kids (and Pastor!) did a hilarious skit at the end. It was quite entertaining! :)
And here's a montage of Anna singing. Sorry it's a little shaky! I had to zoom all the way in, so the tiniest movement seemed like I was shaking the camera! Isn't she just too cute?! ;)

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Anonymous said...

She is growing up so fast! Wish we could have been there for the program!