Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Because My Kids Are Cute :D

But then, I'm biased! Just a few pics of random things we've been doing. And a new favorite of Jacob's...

I can't even remember what she was doing, but I know she said "Take my picture Mommy!!" I just have to say God created one of a kind with this precious girl. She is such a sweet and sensitive child, yet can be so very stubborn (all from her Daddy! ;)) and defiant (very rarely, though). And she's a hoot! She discovered some 'new' cowboy boots, that are still a bit big, but she loves them. We were walking through the back yard and she said "I'm a girl cowboy!" Another time, she said "Heeey! The grass doesn't tickle my feet because I'm wearin' my cowboy boots!!!"

He, for whatever reason, LOVES sitting in the grocery cart like this. It's so odd, but then...he's so odd! haha I need to put the video of him and the bucket on his head. He's so special, my boy. :)

I asked him "Jacob, did you eat dirt again?" This was his answer. I think Aunt Joyce was right...he could charm the socks right off you! ;)

During a break in the stormy weather (actually right before a big ol' storm), we took a walk to get ice cream and play at the lake. Jacob loves eating his ice cream all by himself and he made quite a mess. He had fun watching Anna play and even tried a little himself. This particular playground was little 'old' for him. We fed the ducks, but again...Jacob was scared silly of the little ducks (had there been a horse nearby he would have been delighted!).

It's been a while since Anna's painted, but she's always enjoyed it quite a bit. She insisted that we mail her paintings she made to Papa & Binga (notice the 'name' she painted...she does amazingly well on her letters by herself). She wrote both their names on each painting and then went to the post office and bought a stamp and put the envelope through the slot. And then asked every day (every few hours, actually!) if Papa & Binga had gotten their painting yet! She was VERY EXCITED to find out tonight that they got them today!!!

I was shocked at how well Jacob did and how much he liked painting! I have to hide the paint...otherwise he begs to paint all the time! He makes quite a mess, but he really has fun! He sent a painting to Papa & Binga, too.

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