Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Fascinating... see how he can spot any kind of a "wheel" from a mile away! I hadn't put the sewing machine away and Jacob spotted the wheel and would not leave it alone. Not to mention all the buttons and knobs!

He found a button he could push in and not get in trouble! :)

Then he found the wheel (is that what it's called?? I'm tired!).

This is his favorite place to sit. When he's too quiet and I can't find him, this is the first place I look. Usually he's sitting there looking at books. This time, he found Anna's basket of baby doll stuff (bottles, brushes, etc) and was actually sitting there "brushing" a baby's hair! It was so cute.

We had spaghetti for supper the other night. This was the easiest way to clean him up!! He loved it. What a belly!!! :)

Who can resist a cute baby bottom picture?! :) He's going to hate me some day! haha

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Anonymous said...

I miss my little shadow!! How cute!