Monday, June 15, 2009

Seven Years Already?!

It's been 7 years since I became Mrs. Wallman. That's just craziness.
We went to Wichita for the evening. We dropped the kids off at Uncle Jamie & Aunt Cassie's house and went out for supper at Johnny Carino's. It was so yummy and most of all, it was so nice to have some quiet!! We didn't talk for the first 15 min. b/c we were enjoying the silence so much!!! Then we went grocery shopping...that's what happens when you've been married for 7 yrs...a date can include grocery shopping! After that, we went back to Jamie's and hung out with them for a while and then headed home, just in time to miss the big storms heading that way! It was a wonderful evening. Thanks again, Jamie & Cassie (and Doug and Bailey!) for keeping the kids! They had a blast and Anna has been asking ever since if we can go back and play car wash with Jamie! :)

At our rehearsal dinner, I was presented with a scrapbook that my sisters-in law put together for me. It was full of letters and notes of advice and encouragement about marriage and life. It was so precious and I still go back and read through it once in a while. Remember when you were about to get married....did anyone ever tell you at that time that marriage was going to be hard work and you would have to choose to love your man every day? That was in more than one of my letters and I remember thinking They can't be lying to me, but really? I can't imagine it being hard to love Aaron! Well, that's because I hadn't lived with him yet!! haha So for anyone not yet IS hard some days to love your spouse. A blogger recently did a great post on focus that's great and so very true.
So I'm going to focus on the good things about my husband:)
He works harder than most anyone I know.
He puts up with my moodiness!
He's an amazing father and our kids adore him.
He doesn't care that I'm not the perfect housekeeper. In fact, I think sometimes he doesn't even notice when the house is messy!
He encourages me to step outside my comfort zone.
He's a dreamer.
He'll eat almost anything I make him (except meatloaf!).
He encourages me to try new recipes and strive for healthier foods--for me and the kids.
He takes my family's teasing in stride.
He gets along great with my family.
He lets me go visit my parents when I feel homesick.
He's quick to forgive.
When he gets home from work, as soon as the kids hear that back door creak they go running and squealing. They love it when Daddy gets home!
He loves me for who I am.
Even better, he loves Jesus.
So Happy Anniversary a day late, babe. I love you!


Joseph and Amber said...

Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations on SEVEN years!!

Anonymous said...

Very touching, Aaron is special and he married a special woman. How do I know? How could they not be when they produce the children they have?? And will have?? dad

Jennifer said...

Dad, is that a hint?! 6 grandkids isn't enough? ;)