Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pool Fun

Here's a video of the kids the first day we had the pool up. The water was freezing but they had a blast. I really didn't expect them to want in, so when I did let them get in they were fully clothed! Yes, Anna has a swimming suit (although it's getting a little small...hint, hint Binga! j/k!). And yes, I know she's got her shorts on backward! :) She slipped and got soaked, so she wanted her shirt off. Later, Jacob totally wiped out. I figured he'd be scared to get back in, but after less than a minute, he wanted back in!


Teri said...

This is so cute and brings back memories!!! Looks like they are having fun and making memories!

Teri said...

Made it most of the way through your posts! you are a great blogger!!! Such cute moments you are capturing!!! Anyway, as for kitties in town, they have to have a microchip and I don't know what happens if they get picked up? There may be a fine... it's crazy! I also changed my last post, I sounded so negative about "everything happening at once" when I wouldn't have missed any of it!