Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Her Faces, Rose Bouquet, Football Corn, Leftie?

Tonight, we had a picnic on the deck. Anna loves picnics. She was being silly...
Seriously Ange--it is genetic! We just can't help but bite our tongues. Tsk tsk tsk :D
I told her "Just look normal. Smile."

So silly.
My rose bushes are blooming like crazy. Something I've never noticed before (maybe because I hardly ever get store-bought roses??)...Grandma J got 2 rose bouquets for her birthday and she pointed out to me that they really didn't have a fragrance. She was right! They had hardly a scent to them! It was crazy. Now, these roses....they have fragrance and it is LOVELY! Roses are my favorite flower, in case you didn't know :)

They smell so wonderful. I think heaven must be filled with roses :)

My kids love sweet corn, especially if it's from Iowa (it is so sweet and yummy). Tonight, Jacob was carrying around his corn like a football. So Daddy and Anna started calling it his "football corn". He loved walking around munching on it!


Such concentration! He's using his left hand a lot recently...I think it would be crazy if he turns out left-handed. I don't think anyone in our immediate families that is a leftie.

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Ange said...

I know - that tongue biting thing is genetic. I have tried so many times to stop. I.just.can't. :-) It sure looks cute when Anna does it though.