Thursday, June 18, 2009

Star Wars? Dark Age?

Okay, so it just took me like 15 minutes to find the name (shows you how big of a Star Wars fan I am!). But when Jacob was "floating" around after his bath last night, it reminded me of Yoda! (from the back) He was having fun, but only as long as the towel was over his eyes. There's something about not being able to see that this strange boy likes!

Many might think we've gone to the dark ages....we cancelled our Dish! We signed up with a special to get a year free and this was our last month. We had several reasons for doing it. The main one was to save money. The other was because it's such a time waster most of the time! And sometimes it just becomes habit to turn it on for the kids. They never watched live TV was all just cartoons I'd recorded for them. And really, now that it's summer they want to play outside. There are a few times when Jacob wakes up CRANKY and the only thing that settles him down is Dora. But we have a million DVDs they can watch. And for Aaron & I, it ended up being something we did instead of spending time with each other (or doing things that needed to be done around the house or at work for him). Today was the first day and we survived! I was in the habit of turning it on and either watching one of my recorded shows or a game show (I love watching the crossword puzzle game!) while I worked during naps. But now I just listen to music while I work (or the silence...sometimes that's nice:)). We didn't have TV for a long time when I was growing up and I certainly didn't miss it. And like I told Aaron, even the cartoon channels had commercials I didn't want Anna and Jacob to see! It's crazy what is on these days. Even just watching sports, very few of the commercials are appropriate for little eyes & ears!!! I told Aaron we can watch almost any of our shows we want to online. Maybe not the same night they air, but who cares?! We'll see how it goes once NFL starts! :)

They're watching an old time cartoon video here. They both love it. That slap-stick humor isn't in any of the new ones! Anna built a tent with her Dora couch and any blanket or towel she found!


Michelle said...

How did you get a year free?

We went a LONG time without any TV. But I wasnt able to watch Survivor, my favorite show, so we got it. I love it...since I've never had it. But it can be a time sucker. I dont let the kids watch much and we only watch once everyone is in bed.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and joining the discussion about bras. LOL

Jennifer said...

Michelle, our local phone service provider (Embarq) was offering a deal--if you bundled all 3 services with them you got a year of free Dish (with a 2 yr. contract, except somehow we only had an 18 month contract). There are only 2 companies here that offer TV, phone, internet so competition can be fierce sometimes. Which is nice b/c a couple years ago there was only one company that had phone service so we got ripped off! Anyway, if you have Embarq in your area, they might still have the deal...I love Dish and the whole recording live TV thing! I'll just have to get my fix when we go to my parents' now:) Although watching shows online is just about as good. There are only like 5 15 sec. commercials!
I just had to follow the link on blogher with that title to your post! :)