Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boots & Tractors

Today was a lazy day. But it was decent out so this afternoon, the kids played outside! Jacob has some "new" cowboy boots (thanks Jake!) He loves them. And I love seeing him wear them! So cute.

As soon as he saw me with the camera, he stood up and said "eeeeeze!" :)

He had to bring his tractor out, too.

I told Mom & Dad this boy was born for a farm! :) I'll have to post the picture I took this evening. Proof positive :)

Waving to the cars that go by.

This boy has never been unhappy if he's outside.

Anna wasn't in a very good mood today. Even after a nap, she was a bit grumpy. She did NOT want to go outside (they were still in their pj's after naps. hey--it's Saturday!!). I picked out some clothes for her to wear, but she didn't like them. Then she couldn't find the right t-shirt to wear under her sweatshirt. After close to 15 minutes, she finally came out wearing... pajamas and her boots!!!

A friend gave me these boots for Anna when she was a baby. They used to be her daughter's and I'm so glad Anna can wear them (she wore them last year a few times, but they were still a bit big). I love them. Evidently, so does she! :)

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