Sunday, March 7, 2010


I went to open the fridge door the other day and noticed my "reminder"...

almost completely covered in letter magnets! Lucky for me, I already had it on three different calendars. Sadly for me, that doesn't always make any difference in my ability to remember!! HA

This was a reminder for Jacob's appointment for his "Count Your Kid In" screening at the grade school. I've been concerned for a while that he's not hearing everything (and not just because he's two or a boy or my husband's son! hehe). In the last several months he's started trying to talk (before he really made no effort to talk except to say a few select things like more, NO, yeah, and our names). Except all that came out were vowels sounds and the occasional ending sound. Never the beginning sound except for the words he'd been saying such as Yeah, No and our names. He knows every last one of his letter sounds--he loves watching Leap Frog and says them along with the video. I've also known forever that he has incredibly waxy ears. I figured that's what the deal was, but for whatever reason I just didn't do anything about it. Seriously, I don't know why. So anyway, I finally talked to a lady I student taught with and she said her first step would be one of these screenings. So he had his appointment Friday. We first met with an early childhood center's rep (I really don't know what her title was!). She asked Jacob some questions, checked his vision using flashlights and finger puppets (to check following and color-blindness). Of course, he wasn't too cooperative about that, but I assured her I had no concerns with his vision. Only his speech. He was cooperative for about 10 seconds and then he spotted some toy up on the shelf that he was zoned in on. You know my children and their ONE TRACK MINDS! So the lady said she definitely wants to do an in-home evaluation with their speech pathologist (yet to be set up) because his speech (or lack thereof) is a concern. We then went in to the school nurse to get his hearing checked. She looked in his ears, which she said "I can't see all of either ear drum because of all the wax." SHOCKER. She then did a tympanic test (the tympanic membrane, aka ear drum, is located in the middle ear, and moves in and out to variations in sound pressure, changing acoustical energy to sound energy). For this test, a little puff of air is blown into the ear. She said he can't feel the air but should hear it. His right ear's results were flat, meaning the waves didn't bounce back from the ear drum. Which means there is something blocking them--usually fluid, but in Jacob's case, most likely wax. Her recommendation was for Jacob to see his primary doctor and see what he would do--hopefully agree that wax needs to be removed. If not, move on to an audiologist and have a full-blown hearing test done. So Jacob has an appointment tomorrow afternoon. I truly believe that the wax is what's causing the hearing "loss" but I also know that he will require speech therapy to catch up to where he should be (by the time a child turns 3, he should have a vocabulary of about 300 words. Jacob says about 10).
So, if you wouldn't mind praying for Jacob tomorrow around 1:30 that would be much appreciated. He hates having his ears touched, let alone someone poking around in them! And also pray that the doctor would agree to try and remove some wax and see if it helps. Thanks!! :)

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