Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snowman...In March

While we were in Iowa for spring break, we got about 6" of snow. It was perfect for snowman-building, so Papa & Anna built one! Papa is the best snowman-builder :)

Anna says the ears were Papa's idea...

Gotta have a hat!

Ta-da! Papa unearthed some rocks for his mouth, but they fell out. I scrounged up some radishes for the eyes and pretzel sticks for his buttons! :) It didn't last long--Binga kept us updated on his demise!
"Morning" sickness has hit full force (who named it that anyway?? Must have been a man!!) so I don't promise many blog posts for a while. I was just telling Seth that the worst part about being pregnant for me right now is that I am hungry and sick and NOTHING sounds good. And not eating, of course, makes everything worse! Sprite and Jolly Ranchers have been my friend the past couple days.

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