Saturday, March 13, 2010

Their New Favorite Things...

This isn't really a favorite thing, but I love how Jacob's blue eyes are so vibrant in this picture. :)

The kids & I went to a garage sale this morning. It was so icky & cold (Spring? Where did you go?!) so I told Anna to stay in the van and if I found any kids' things, I would come get them. The girl loves garage sales! Now, I'd just read Dave's newsletter and he talked about bargaining in one of the articles. I had $8 cash and that was it. The only kid toys they had were a couple of kitchen sets (already have one) and a wooden rocking horse. The horse had $12 on it and I thought "where in the world would we put a rocking horse?!" So after browsing around a bit, I went back to the van. I told Anna that the only toys were kitchen sets, which we already have. She gave me her sad face (have you seen it?? It's impossible to resist!). I told her there was ONE other toy--a rocking horse--but it was too expensive. Again with the SAD face!! I told her we could go ask the lady if she would take less for it, but if she wouldn't we could not buy the horse. So off we go in the freezing cold wind. We stopped by the horse and Anna agreed that it was a must-have. ;) Now, my intention wasn't to use my kids as a ploy to get this lady down on the price, honestly. Anna loves garage sales and I wanted to make sure she liked the horse. So we go up to the lady and Anna becomes suddenly very shy. I asked if she would take $7 (I thought that was all I had, not $8). She said "How about $9--we'll meet in the middle?" Sorry...$7 is all I've got. "Well, I would really like to see it go to someone who would use, so I'll take $7" As I handed her the cash I realized I had $8 so she got a bit closer to the compromise ;) As we were walking back to the van, I realized that only a really cold-hearted person would have turned down an offer with 2 children waiting to get a new rocking horse!! haha Oh well! I gave Anna a good lesson on bargaining! :)
So here's the new horse, which is a girl by the way.

I told Mom it's as close as it gets to the real thing for Anna right now!! She can't decide what to name her new horse.

She loves it. Jacob wouldn't get on at first but now he likes it, too.

But what he really likes is the magazine Daddy brought him...a TRACTOR magazine!!!! It was hilarious when Aaron gave it to him. He looked at the cover and went *intake of air* "ooooohhhhhhh" with great big eyes. He seriously has looked through it. He looked like a little old man tonight, sitting in the recliner watching TV and looking at the tractors for sale!! Love it!

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