Friday, March 26, 2010


Tuesday morning, we headed to Scott & Amy's so I could pick up my maternity clothes from her and get some groceries. The kids (plus Anna's friend Makenna) had a blast playing and riding horses! Amy graciously kept the kids while I ran to Walmart (THANKS!!)

This boy doesn't like me ;) And he looks EXACTLY like his daddy & Papa!! Good grief!

Makenna playing on the trampoline.

Daniel had no trouble keeping up with the big girls! That boy is a bouncing pro!

Jacob was more interested in playing in the sand pile than jumping on the trampoline.

For some odd reason, Anna did NOT want to stay and ride horses while I ran to the store. I couldn't believe it! That was all she talked about all morning. Amy said Makenna loved it and even got to "go fast" :)

I'm tellin' ya...this boy was born for country life! :)

Contrary to the looks of this picture, Jacob reportedly loved riding. Last time, he hated it.

Thanks, again Scott & Amy for letting us invade for a morning! The kids loved it (so did I!).

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