Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hearing Results

Well, he passed his hearing tests today with flying colors. The audiologist did another tymphanogram test and a "modified" hearing test. The tymphanogram results were normal. Friday, his right ear was flat (meaning no sound bounced back from the ear drum). So we went on to the other test. Since Jacob is too young to respond "raise your hand when you hear a beep", this test sends a "buzz" to his ear drum and if his hearing is good, the ear drum will "send it back". That test showed perfect hearing. I asked him how a tymphanogram could be flat (failed) a few days ago and now it's perfect? He said it's very easy to get "false" results from that test...that it has to be held just right and it's easy to get it against the ear canal and give false results. Soooooo, the good news is that his hearing is just fine! I'm waiting on a call back from the speech pathologist about the home evaluation they want to do with Jacob. Because regardless of hearing, his speech is still not what it should be. I wouldn't be concerned about it (he does have a big sister that always talks for him) except that he tries to communicate and all that comes out are vowel/middle sounds. If I make him say individual letter sounds, he can do it. But putting a word together he can't do. Please is either "uhh" or "eee", for example. Plus, the early childhood center agreed that his speech is a concern. So, that's where we'll go from here! Again, we definitely appreciate all the prayers and support. God is faithful!!

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