Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Evaluation Outcome

Jacob's speech evaluation was yesterday afternoon. He did SO good!! I was a little surprised, but once he saw those ladies had bags of goodies (toys), he went right to them and tried taking stuff out! :) He was very cooperative and did such a great job. I was surprised at some of the cognitive things he was able to do. They had to "test" all areas, not just the speech. Their conclusion is that he is one smart little boy but he basically just can't pronounce the words he's trying to say yet. He understands everything you say to him and he has his own words, he just can't enunciate. Sooo, they will do speech therapy with him twice a month until he turns 3 (end of August) and then they'll turn it over to the school district for speech therapy. I've noticed the last couple of days he's started saying a few more things a little more clearly. Not sure anyone else would recognize them as words, but I notice a bit of a difference.
I'm really glad he liked the ladies so much (one that came will be the one doing the therapy). He actually tried to go home with them!! I was holding him in the yard because he tried to get in their car (not entirely unusual--the boy loves cars!) and he held his arms out to one of the ladies to take him!!
Anyway, I just wanted to update! Thanks for praying!!

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Anonymous said...

great news! thanks for the update ... been praying for him... he will sing a song to you one of these days... -jicks