Monday, March 8, 2010

Results...Thus Far

First off, thank you for praying for us today! Jacob did great letting the PA look in his ears.

(I just love little boys in overalls!)

So what we found out today is this: the PA was able to see all of both ear drums and did NOT feel that the wax was causing any issues. His right ear drum (which is the side he failed the test on) is a bit red but she did not recommend any antibiotics (we'll see how that goes, seeing as how he woke up after being asleep for 1.5 hrs. tonight screaming and took me several minutes to even calm him...not normal behavior for him.). The PA said there is obviously something going on since he failed the tymphanic (or whatever it's called!!) test so she is setting up an appointment with an audiologist to do more hearing tests. Don't know yet when that will be.
I'm a little bit frustrated because that's not what I was expecting to hear. I honestly thought the wax was the problem. Seriously, this kid has WAXY EARS! So what is the problem? I haven't a clue. I guess maybe the audiologist can shed more light on it. The PA suggested the fall-to reasons for kids being speech delayed--2nd child (oh yes, Anna talks for him all the time); boys, they have a tendency to not pay attention (ehh, no. Since the kid knows every last letter sound and can mimic animal sounds and re-enact scenes from cartoons...I'm pretty sure he's paying attention!). The way he misses the beginning sounds and the way he doesn't distinguish between similar sounds (like c/k and t) makes it obvious to me that it's a hearing issue and not a "behavior" issue. So we'll just see what happens.
I'm okay...ya know, when something out of your control (and unknown) is wrong with your kid sometimes it's hard. I guess I should say I'm okay as long as we just talk about the fact. But if you say "I'm praying for that sweet boy and his ears" I'm gonna tear up! MY SWEET BOY. (thank you Kim, for your invaluable encouragement and insight!)
Fiddlesticks. I hate being emotional. So if you see me, don't be sweet to me just ask me about the facts and I'll be okay. :) The reality is that even if he has permanent hearing loss in one ear...that's so minor compared to what some other families have to go through. Not that it's not a big deal and will not affect (or is it effect??) things, but I just try to keep it in perspective. God has a plan for this. This is not taking Him by surprise!

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