Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break, Iowa Style

This week, we've been at my parents' for spring break! The kids were beyond excited to come up. I even had to make a count down for Anna so she would stop asking "Are we going to Papa's house tomorrow?!?!" :) We picked up a few hitch hikers along the way. hehe Aunt Cara, Cassie & Hudson came with us!!! It was a full van, but we had fun (well, Cassie might not have...she's the skinny one so she got stuck in the back seat between Anna & Hudson! Sorry Cassie!).
The last two days the weather has been perfect! Yesterday, we headed to the park...

Wait for me Jakie!!!

What kind of trouble can I cause???

Oh Hudson. He is so inquisitive! He wants to know what everything is! Papa told him that big wheel thing behind him is a piston. :)

Jacob hates having crumbs (or sand) on his hands. Which is odd because he will sit and dig in the dirt and sand for hours. Anyway, every time he got sand on his hands at the park he would stand up and hold his hands out, waiting for someone to come brush the sand off! So Aunt Cara showed him how to just wipe them off on his pants. :)

Anna loved playing on the digger.

Hudson enjoying the sand, too.

You talkin' ta ME, Mama?!

Da Boys

Jacob wasn't big enough to run the digger, but he didn't want any help either! :)

Aaron earns reward points for all his hotel stays with all his travels for his job. He had enough for a free night's stay, so I talked him into using it for a night this week! Our room is on the top floor of a new Holiday Inn!

After last night (when we were invaded by BOTH kids!) and how little sleep we got, I can't wait to get plenty of uninterrupted sleep!!!


Cassie said...

the top floor, huh? Shouldn't be too hard to find you guys then...we'll just let Jacob and Anna run up and down the hall screaming for you!!

Anonymous said...

wa ha ha ha! Send them to Alaska!

Jennifer said...

Very funny Cassie! We would have IGNORED any screaming kids we heard! It was a biiiig top floor!
Alaska....sounds like a good idea! Let me know when you get their tickets! ;)