Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the Air!!!

Wednesday was a gorgeous day! The other Anna & Jake came over to play and the kids had a blast playing outside!

We even had enough bikes/trikes/scooters for all four to ride!

The other Mr. Blue Eyes ;)

Jacob, lesson #1 in the female starts young, that whole telling-you-what-to-do thing!! HA Anna Mae went over to Jacob, squatted down and all I heard was "Now Jacob, don't..." too funny!

The kids got so warm, they all shed their jackets and hats! Even then, Anna Rose complained about being hot!!
The neighbors across the street saw us all out front and came over to play (adding 4 more kids!). My next-door neighbor thought I'd started a day care! :) I can't wait for Spring to be here every day!!!

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