Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Life is busy. I'm not sure what, exactly, is so making it so busy. But it is! I guess just life...keeping up with the kids, Anna's school work, training them in God's word, keeping up with the house (ha...haha...hahaha), feeding our "other" kids every week, Awanas, Bible studies, personal time, exercising, spending time with friends, work, etc etc etc! All of those are good things, sometimes they just all overwhelm me. And a lot of that comes down to me managing my time better and letting unimportant things slide here and there. And focusing on my biggest job: being a mom! So here are a bunch of pictures:)

At school for V Day, Anna got some candies. The most prized of which was her box of candy hearts. She gladly shared a few with Jacob. He really liked them. And when she (and I!) wasn't looking, he grabbed the box and STUFFED EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM IN HIS MOUTH! Oh my...when she found out she was absolutely devastated!!! Jacob knew exactly why she was crying. After a few second of the wailing, he went over and patted her head and then he knelt down and gave her a hug. Lucky for Anna, Papa & Binga came to visit that weekend and she got some more candy hearts. Oh the injustice!

I bought "30 Day Shred" and Jacob was my workout partner one day. 'Nuff said!

They love playing in the sink.

One evening it was a bit too quiet for too long. I quickly searched for Jacob after Anna said she didn't know where he was. And I found him sitting in their room, like an angel, reading books! CUTE!!!

Hmmmm....verrrrry interrresting.

Beautiful blue eyes.

Jacob had a nasty fall last week while Aaron was gone. He was running from the bathroom (it was bath time...his favorite game to play!). He went to turn into the living room and his feet flew out from under him! His head smacked the wood floor so hard. There was actually a flat spot for a bit where he hit! Then he got a goose egg. I was surprised it didn't get a lot worse than it did. There was a bruise there, but it wasn't really big or dark like I thought it would get. No worse for the wear;)

I would never let my kids stand on the bathroom sink and draw on our mirror! ;)

I'm sure Jacob wasn't as disgusted with his sister as it appears in this picture! A friend borrowed Jacob's car seat last week so it sat in the living room after she brought it back. Jacob was like a king on his throne watching a movie!!

So now back to life:)

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