Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The bright side of flooding...

I discovered that I don't like being without hot water...or a heater!!! The dishes pile up, the stinky towels get stinkier and so do Mom & Dad. Nice, huh? Well, the kids didn't seem to mind. Here's why...

First, they got to play in Daddy's car!

OH BOY...they found the mini pond at the end of the driveway! And that water coming out of the hose? That's being pumped from under the house! We estimate it's pumped out well over 45,000 gallons in the last 40+ hrs.!!

Whoops! Sister accidentally got Jacob in the face. He was shocked, and then...

Ooooo...I kinda think that was fun!

And this....THIS is REALLY FUN!!!

Oooooo...here comes a car!!!

He accidentally fell down in the water like this, but then decided it was kinda fun!

And then he discovered he could walk across the "pond" to where I was taking pictures!

Miss Priss, on the other hand...she hardly got wet. She preferred to sit on the curb and gingerly stick her feet in the water!

Uh oh...he knows what Mama's thinking! It's time to go inside before hypothermia sets in! The water was ice cold and it was probably only 65 degrees outside. But boy, did they have fun!
Good news...we have hot water tonight! We're going to let the furnace air out a bit more before we turn it on. We have a heater in the kids' room and Aaron is my personal furnace so we'll be fine. Our neighbor is going to install a sump pump for us this weekend b/c the water just keep coming up from the ground. We are in a flood plain, but this hasn't happened before. You can actually see a current coming out of a hole in the ground down there! Hopefully the little pump keeps up tonight (there's a chance for rain almost every day for the next 10 days!) and the rest of the weekend until the sump pump gets in.

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Tim and Eliana said...

wow, that is incredible he didn´t cry when getting wet, and the water being so cold. He is a tough little guy.