Thursday, April 9, 2009

Surprise Package!

We got a package today from Uncle Windell! :) Anna was so excited to open it. Lucky for her, Jacob woke up from his nap right after it came! Jacob was far more interested in the packing peanuts (I didn't get any pictures, by they were all over their room!!).

Anna got this really neat book. It has a CD and 3D glasses! She thinks it's very cool. Tonight, we listened to several of the stories. The lady that narrates has an English accent...I love listening to her! All the stories are about fairies, so Anna is in love with it! :)

He also sent the kids outfits. Anna's dress, of course, has a matching doll dress. She was quite upset with me when I told her she had to take the dress off. "But I'm so beautiful in this dress Mama!!!" Oh the drama!

She wanted to wear a hat (the one she wears everywhere, which is from Easter 2 years ago and is slowly unraveling!). I couldn't talk her out of not wearing anything, so we compromised and she wore her fuzzy princess tiara. Good grief. Did I mention DRAMA?!
But isn't she so precious?! :)
You can really tell for some reason, but the dress is pink.

And Jacob. Oh. My. Goodness!!! He looks so adorable in his suit!!!!!!! Like a little man. And he actually didn't mind having it on. It just cracked me up how cute he looked!

Look at his belly!!! HA :)

He looks like a little business man! I love it!

Oh yes, this is a 2T and the pants fit him great (with shoes). He's growing so fast!
Thanks, Uncle Windell! We love everything and we love YOU!


Anonymous said...

Oh and that tie brings out his red hair... Adorable those grandkids are, must come from grandparents.

Tim and Eliana said...

He is very Handsome :), and Anna is very Pretty.