Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Besides sleeping, of course! Sleeping has been wonderful! And working...I still have to do my computer work.
This is what I've been doing the last two days...

Amish Friendship Bread (I think it might be a curse! If you've ever done it, you'll understand!!)

I have the recipe imprinted on my brain now. 3 eggs...1 cup oil....2 Tbsp cinnamon...I think I've made a total of 12 loaves. I refuse to think about how many bags of starter that means I have in my freezer!!!

I got creative and tried many different flavors. Don't ask me how they taste b/c I didn't taste any of them! haha This one is Pumpkin Spice. Sounds yummy to me! Aaron disagrees :)

Doesn't that look de-lish?!
I baked up all this bread and stuck it in the cousin is getting married next weekend and there will be lots of family in town. I'll be providing snacks! :)
Now that all the bread is made, I have another project! I LOVE IT! Having uninterrupted time to get these things done (and no little hands trying to "help").....
A makeover for the kids' room! haha Not really, just for Anna's bed. She's moving OUT of our room (she's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor...we were desperate for sleep. I can hear you saying "I told ya so" Dad!!!) I'll be spray painting Anna's toddler bed "watermelon" pink, making her a new purple pillowcase to match her new princess sheet. Since there's no bed for her in there now, I'm going to have to rearrange things. I got a shelving unit (below) ON SALE and some canvas baskets to replace the big dresser and give some more wiggle room. We'll see how it works!

And now that I'm done with work (this post only took 10 min.), I better go to bed! Once again, Thanks Papa & Binga for the break! I promise I'm getting lots of sleep :)


Flutterby Threads said...

Oh that bread looks delicious! Any chance you'd be willing to pass on the recipe??

Enjoy your break from the kiddos! How exciting for Anna to have her own room!

Jennifer said...

It's Amish friendship bread, so you have to have a might be able to find the recipe for a starter, but I don't know???
Anna will have to share the room with Jacob(we only have 2 bedrooms), but at least she will be out of OUR room! :)