Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family pictures

Papa & Binga were here this weekend. Anna got another beautiful dress AND a new hat!!! :) She was very excited. Mom couldn't find anything very dressy for Jacob, so he wore his suit today (she did find him an adorable vest and jeans outfit). Needless to say, he was a hit at church! :)
So, on to the family pics. I don't know why I didn't center the chair on the window! But they're still really good pictures. Addie took them for us. We took them after church, but before dinner so the kids were tired and hungry. I had to have a little talk with Anna and I had to bribe Jacob with Skittles!

Try #1...I'm glad the adults had a sense of humor about things!

Try #2...Anna! Get your tongue in your mouth!!

Try #3...There we good as it gets! :)

What a great picture!
Here's the greatest thing about Papa & Binga's visit...they took the kids home with them for the week!!! Mama needed some extra rest, so I'm looking forward to sleeping in ALL.WEEK.LONG! :) And Terry, don't bother calling because I will be turning my phone OFF! I've already told our foster kids (and Aaron) not to bother calling or coming over before noon! haha
I feel like I have to explain so people don't think I'm completely lazy...I got mono as a sophomore in high school, and basically had it for 5 years. I finally was told (by a specialist) my freshman year of college that I either had to drop out of college and recover, or promise to take the entire summer to do nothing but sleep...literally. So I did (the summer thing) I slept in the basement where there were no windows and I did nothing but sleep and eat. I don't even think I went anywhere very much. My body was so worn out, I remember it being physically tiring to just walk up the stairs. Anyway, I took the whole summer and by the time school started, I felt so much better. I still didn't have that "I don't feel tired anymore" feeling, but I wasn't so exhausted. I didn't have any more trouble with it for a year. Then I got it again:( I took an extended break at Thanksgiving and then had to move off campus so I could get the rest I needed. It hasn't been too bad until I had kids! I have to be careful and my body lets me know when I've pushed too far. And it's been letting me know the last few weeks. So I've promised to get lots of sleep this week and I'm looking forward to it! Thanks Papa & Binga!!!!!!! :)

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