Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun at Papa & Binga's House!

They're having plenty of fun at Papa & Binga's!!

There's a park very close to their house, so they've been making lots of trips to the park! Jacob even walks all the way there (and evidently pushes his sister, too!).

They had a picnic today at the park.

One track mind, that boy. Dad said once he saw that gate open, he was determined to get it open again!

Papa's handy helpers! :)

Awww! Folding his hands to pray!

Climbing the rock wall all by himself!

Big sister giving a push in the back yard. Jacob loves that swing (so does Anna).

Papa's caption for this picture: Jacob says "What do you think I did?" HA! Doesn't help that he's wearing his "I do my own stunts" shirt!!

What a hoot! This was the day she kept a toothpick in her mouth all afternoon, just like Papa! :)
We get to talk to them on the webcam every day, so we're all doing good:) I'm getting LOTS done and the kids are having a blast, as you can see!

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