Sunday, April 19, 2009

They're Home!

My babies are home!! :) We met halfway and picked them up on Saturday. It is so good to have them back (but it was so nice to have a week-long break!). Of course, they both looked like they'd grown...whether they really did or not I don't know!
On the way home, we stopped to get some groceries (Aaron and I require very little to eat I discovered!). There was a nice big "field" for the kids to play in and run off some energy!

He was pretty excited about the "flowers"...

Especially when he saw that they could be blown apart!

He loved watching them fly! :)

She was in heaven! We walked to this area and she gasped and said "Mama! It's a flower garden!!!" So funny. Of course she had to pick one for each of us.

Watching a movie and trying very hard not to smile!

She didn't succeed! :)

He was intent on watching! The mark on his lip is from his first fat lip...he fell out of the wagon at Papa's house. I have a feeling fat lips are going to be the least of our injuries with this child!!

So funny, that Dora!

Our neighbor's gave him this Cookie Monster. You "shake" him and he talks (when ever his mouth opens, he says something). It's really funny and he finally decided that he likes it. He laughs at Cookie Monster!
While the kids were gone, Papa "trained" them to sleep in the same room. I honestly thought Jacob was one of those kids that was just too light of a sleeper for it to work. Of course not...not for PAPA & BINGA. Their grandkids do anything for them! From the FIRST NIGHT, they shared a room and slept all night. Of course they did...why wouldn't they?! that's dripping with sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell! So a project while they were gone was to paint Anna's toddler bed (there's just not enough room for a twin bed in there), get a different storage thing for Anna's clothes and reorganize their bedroom. Oh, and get rid of the twin mattress and dresser (Thank you Kim!!!) So I had to run to Aunt Cara's and get the toddler mattress, spray paint the bed Watermelon pink, and put together the new "cubbie" storage (pink, of course!) for her clothes and dolls. I told Anna I had a surprise for her when we got home and she insisted on covering her eyes before she came inside!
Surprise!!! She's only seen the bed so far (and she was not even close to being fooled by a coat of paint...she still knew it was the same ol' bed!).

And THEN...she saw the pink cubbies. She gasped and said (word for word) "Oh my! That is SO CUTE!!!" I'm foreseeing a lot of gasping in our future with this girly girl ;) She loves that she can "read" her baskets and that all her dolls and things are stored on the open shelves.

Jacob just wanted the CD player. He wouldn't play with anything else for 5 minutes. Luckily, after being told repeatedly that it was NOT a toy, he gave up and hasn't bothered it since. Until he can really reach it I'm sure!
The good news...the kids both did great last night. I was expecting a huge battle. I even made Dad record putting them to bed! ha So I did the same thing...we sat in the chair and read a couple books (they both love that talking Mother Goose book Mom), sang a song, and then Anna got in her bed, I put Jacob in his bed, turned on some piano music and left. Jacob cried pretty hard for a minute. Then Anna got out of bed, which set Jacob off again. I thought oh we go! but it didn't take longer than 5 minutes to get them settled down for good. We had to find pink teddy for Anna and then everything was good! I fully expected Anna to be up at least once during the night, but she wasn't! Got up at 6:30 and said she was hungry but she went right back to bed with little resistance. I'm not dumb enough to think that tonight will be that good (or better)...I've prepared myself for a week long battle! haha Of course, I'm praying for perfect-ness from here on out!
Speaking of sleeping, I'm off to bed. It's so wonderful to have them home:) But THANK YOU Papa and Binga for keeping them all week. It was a great break!

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