Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Have I mentioned that we're flooded? ;) We also have new Dollar General. I spent the best $2.50 today...on a fishing pole! Jacob wasn't as interested in it as I thought he would be. Anna was so excited about it. She spent over an hour outside this afternoon with it!

Jacob preferred to play in the water while Anna fished.

Look Mama! I caught a fish!!

She put the fish in the bucket. She doesn't like getting in the 'pond''s too dirty!

Jacob on the other hand...he doesn't mind getting in the dirty water. AT ALL.
Oooooo...what's this?!

Look Mama! I caught a fish too!!!

He did so good, just sitting on the curb playing. Until he walked "across the pond". Then he kept trying to go too far into the street. So he had to go inside. He was NOT HAPPY about that. I'm sure the neighbors thought he was losing a limb the way he carried on.
Anna stayed out there for at least another hour fishing. She had so much fun. I think the only reason she came inside was because she was thirsty!
So I think I know what she'll be getting for her birthday! The lake has great fishing, I hear. Although she might change her mind when she sees what real fishing entails...touching a worm and a real fish! :)

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Janet said...

That is pretty handy having a fishing hole outside your front door. From the sounds of it, she could be fishing downstairs too. :)

It will be a relief to have everything dried up again. Did I see more rain for your area?