Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The flooding continues!

Well, Aaron got home early today and found another 14" of water in the cellar! It rained last night/early this morning but it didn't flood the streets so I didn't think our cellar would be flooded again. I had hot water for a shower today, so I figured we were fine. Especially since the little pump was still going strong. No such luck.
So he spent the afternoon using the bilge pump and it's below the water heater again. But the little pump can't keep up fast enough. Our neighbor is going to install a sump pump, but not until this weekend! So we'll see how it goes. Kim, we might be borrowing your bathtub again!!

The bilge pump is pretty loud, so I got Anna's "ear muffs" for her to wear. She had a lot of fun helping Daddy :)

Here she's telling me all about what they're doing.

That's a lot of water!

She would fill up this cup (also water being pumped out) and take it to Daddy so he could prime the pump.

She was afraid to go down there at first, but once she went down one time she liked it. She would just perch right there and watch Daddy work. I'm sure she talked his ear off, too! :)

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