Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs!

Here are a bunch of pictures of our egg painting! Anna, of course, LOVED it!! I don't think we did this last year. We didn't realize that this kit was for painting and not dying. But this was even better, because Anna loves painting. Jacob...well, not so much. You'll see what he did with the one egg he was allowed!

Discussing a color scheme with Binga ;)

She quickly mixed the the pink and blue and made purple!
I showed Jacob what to do.
Hmmm...feels like maybe it's food. Let me taste this....

Not so much Mama. On the floor it goes! Actually, I think he would have kept trying to eat it! Papa peeled it for him, and then he got mad and wouldn't try it anymore!! Crazy kid.

Such concentration...on Dora, of course!

She had to try on her new Easter hat! And it wasn't good enough to just put the hat on...she had to have her princess dress and shoes and her wand!

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