Monday, April 27, 2009


You'd think I would've learned by now that I can't turn my back on this stinker for any amount of time! I was at the desk and Anna says "Mommy, what's that noise? It sounds like something is talking." I heard something faintly. Anna looked out to the living room and said "Oh Jacob is playing on the computer." I assumed she meant HIS laptop.........

The TURKEY! He somehow got DORA to play!! Good grief.


The really crazy thing is that our basement/cellar flooded last night. We got a TON of rain yesterday. Aaron woke up this morning and took an incredibly cold shower and went down to check out the hot water heater. And he found at least a foot of water down there. So he went and got a pump and came back and started pumping. Lucky for me, Addie was still at the college (graduation was Saturday) so after helping her load up, I took a shower up there. After over 6 hours of pumping, it's down about halfway. So I took the kids over to Kim's for baths tonight (thanks Kim!!). And luckily, Seth is still at the college tonight so Aaron can get a shower up there tonight. Hopefully by morning, it will be all pumped out and when Aaron gets home tomorrow he can re-light the pilot on the hot water heater! Whew. Hopefully it doesn't get too cold tonight since we have the furnace off, too! (It won't...even with all the rain and cooler weather, it's plenty warm in here).

You can see on the bricks back there how high the water was!

And on the pole you can see it, too.

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