Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yesterday, the other Jake and Anna came over to play! It's been a long time...between sick kids and spring break and traveling. It was so much fun. They are such good kids...I told Kim the only time it felt like I had 2 extra kids was when I had to fix 4 plates for lunch instead of 2! Jake and big Anna get along really well and had so much fun playing. Baby Anna just hung out and watched all the action for a while then she decided to join in. Jacob just thought it was funny to watch them run around!
This is a video of all four of them putting some little tractor/truck puzzles together. Anna decided Jake needed some encouragement, I guess...

I think she's smiled at me twice in her life! She's really a sweetie, but I can't get her to crack a smile!!

Intently (or maybe bored??) watching the big kids put the puzzles together.

I just love this one of baby Anna...notice she's almost smiling, but she's NOT looking at me! :)


This afternoon, I finally got an appointment for Jacob's long over-due haircut! I'm still shocked every time at how much of a difference it makes. He just looks so much older. Still ornery, though!

A little Dennis the Menace cowlick up front ;)

We call him Buddha can see why :)

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