Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Caroling, Caroling, Here We Go A'Caroling!

Tonight instead of regular Awanas, we went caroling at the local nursing home. The Cubbies just sang in the dining room with the whole group and while they walked the halls the Cubbies made Christmas cards!

Anna has great teachers that she loves!

Yes, she's wearing a bracelet (actually two of them!). What a girl!!

They've got a nice group of kids for Cubbies.

Considering Jacob is, well, Jacob...he did pretty good! (Aaron had to work, so it was just me & the kids) It really helped that there was a little bird sanctuary (is that what it's called?). That kept him occupied for quite a while. After all the carolers got back, several kids had specials. Jacob really enjoyed listening to those and clapping!

THIS is not cool. You see that outside temperature?! That's without the windchill!! And it's not 57 degrees inside--this clock is on an outside wall, so the inside temp is always a bit colder (or hotter) than the actual temperature. Although with these drafty windows, it feels much colder than even 57!!!

This is my last decorating project! It's actually been done since the mirror garland, but I forgot to take a picture. It's quite bright in here with all these Christmas lights!


Jaime said...

I love looking at your decorating. It looks so nice. My house has the tree up and a garland in the same room. That's it. Pathetic! Maybe I'll be more motivated next year.

Teri said...

Carolling was very fun! Cute pics. Love your banner pic!!! Neat idea lighting up the nativity scene!

Jennifer said...

Jaime, if I had a newborn TRUST ME my house would not have this many decorations!! :)
Teri, Anna said she didn't like singing but she had fun (go figure) :) What a great pic, huh? Some really talented lady took that for us! ;)