Monday, December 14, 2009

Pray for these little ones

Do you all have any idea how blessed I am to be surrounded by a family (and friends) that are prayer warriors? There are two little ones that I ask you all to pray for tomorrow...
Addison, my cousin's little girl (almost 2) will be having her tonsils removed tomorrow. I think Daddy is gone this week, but Papa & Grandma will be there. Pray for Teresa (not only for tomorrow but all week while Ike is gone) and Addison and the boys!

Also, pray for a little boy named Karsten. He will be having surgery tomorrow as well. Pray for his Mom (Monique) and his dad (Thad) as well as the surgeon and nurses. They are friends of ours from a church we used to attend.
I also haven't mentioned anything about Mom recently. She just went to an immunologist last week to try and figure out why she still doesn't have any B cells (which is basically your immune system I think) and why she keeps getting sick (colds which turn into pneumonia). The B cell chemo she took about 2 years ago is what caused it to happen, but they should have grown back by now. So pray for wisdom for her doctors to figure out what's going on and that it can be corrected! And pray that we all stay healthy so we can see her over Christmas break!!!!
Thank you, dear family!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear precious daughter! God has a wonderful prayer warrior in you, just like your he does in your grandma! There are some pretty awesome things in the Stinemetz clan and love and support is at the top! Thanks to all who pray or have been praying, it does make a difference! A very grateful MOM