Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lights, lights, everywhere!

Missed a few pics and I'm not going to take the time to redo the whole post!!

On the front porch--another new project. This one Mom did mostly on her own. Cheap decorations! You can buy the glass blocks at a hardware store for a couple bucks, drill a hole, stuff in lights and add ribbon!

New lights along the fence, too. The grandkid trees and Dad added rope lights around the crosses this year.

More cute blocks! We found different shapes and sizes. And a cute teddy bear:)

Dad carved these crosses from a dead tree. They're awesome and look really cool with the lights.

Jamie putting lights on the last tree.

It took quite a while to get all the holes drilled and then the lights on, but they turned out great.

Original Post
Papa had most of the Christmas lights out already, but there were a few new projects Binga had for him to do! He said it's funny how she comes up with all the ideas and he has to do all the work! :) I told him we know how to work things. hehe

Anna helped Papa drill some holes. He's got an ingenious way of putting up lights...he staples them to these boards, then screws the boards onto the house/fence. They go up fast, come down fast and store easily! He's so smart!

The front porch. The blue lights/trees are new this year.

Whole front view. He made the 18' tree and star. Pretty cool.

One of Mom's new projects this year: little trees for each of the grandkids! Made from a wooden rod and dowels. We wrapped them in lights and painted some wooden stars gold and put the kids' names on them!

I couldn't get him to look at the camera.

Until I said "Jacob...I've got ice cream!" HA!!!

No troubles getting Anna to look at the camera!

Or this one! Hudson is a complete and total ham! And a darn cute one, too!!


Sheena said...

How beautiful!

I added you on my blog :)

You have such a lovely blog!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the Christmas lights your parents have ... especially the nativity one! What a great way to celebrate Jesus' birth ... let His light shines!