Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanks Uncle Windell!

I've barely started my Christmas decorating. Tomorrow we're getting everything out and done! Anna and I are so excited!!! :)

New this year, courtesy of Dollar General (I love that place), for a grand total of $7! :)


Uncle Windell sent Anna's birthday package yesterday (a bit late, but logistics got in the way:)). She was super excited! And even more excited when she saw what was in the box!

These are her twins :) She changes the names every day, so I'm not sure what she's calling them! Yesterday at nap time she informed me that her twins were sick and she needed to put them to bed. :) She's taken them to school and every time we go to the store, they have to come along! She also got a Cabbage Patch Kid and several outfits, 2 of which had bottles with them. Those have become the twins bottles. Which, by the way, one is a girl and one is a boy. Just so you know. Last night, she couldn't come eat supper because she had to feed her babies. And today, she didn't want to come into the store with me "just in case my baby gets hungry. Because she probably will."

Jacob attached to the boy twin. It was so funny. He carried it around everywhere, rocked him, patted his back, and even took him to Awanas Wednesday night! Of course, once he got there and saw other toys, he dropped the baby... :)
So thanks for all the dolls, clothes and books Uncle Windell!! :)

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