Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Celebrations 2 & 3!

Saturday was our 2nd Christmas celebration with my extended family. It was at my Uncle Alan & Aunt Donna's house again. There was a small crowd this year...only 14 adults and 9 kids (age 6 and under). It was still a great time!

Grandma with her 17th great-grandchild!! (Asher)

Anna with her favorite baby (okay, all babies are her favorite!) Leah! Anna would have been content to hold babies all day long!! Leah is such a sweet baby.

Jacob climbed right up with Anna and Leah. I told Aaron "See...they're ready for another one! We can handle 3!!" hahaha

Anna holding the newest addition--Asher who is about 7 weeks old! He looks just like his brothers!! She was a pro with that boy! He got fussy and she just put his pacifier in his mouth and rocked. So cute.

Smilin' Leah Dawn :)

Daniel, the little stinker! He wasn't too keen on all the people around, but I got him to smile a few times!

Anna and Asher

Jacob was in hog heaven!!! Aunt Donna has all sorts of Cars toys. He played with these for over an hour, quiet as can be.

The men singing the traditional "We Three Kings"
Grandpa, my brother Jamie, Aaron, Uncle Alan, Daniel and Scott, my cousin's husband Ike

About half of the great-grandchildren!
Husdon, Jacob, Anna, Parker, Addison, Daniel, & Hunter

Grandpa & Grandma with their scrapbook.
Their sweatshirts need to be updated!!


The third celebration was with my Mom's side (although she wasn't there) at Aunt Cara & Uncle Terry's house. There were 10 adults and 5 kids.

Anna and my cousin Heather

Oh boy!!! He got a CARS jacket!!!!!!!!

He was beyond excited. Uncle Terry & Aunt Cara are forever his favorite (as if the John Deere supply wasn't enough to keep them in his good graces!)

I'm so cool


And now we're in Colorado celebrating with Aaron's family! Then we have the Iowa celebration! :) So much to do!

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