Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Beginning to Look...

...a lot like Christmas around here!!! We finally got our tree, lights and decorations up today! There's still the aftermath to clean up. But the lights are beautiful and the kids love it all.

I thought Anna would be more into helping me decorate the tree, but they both got sidetracked with the tree box. As always...the boxes are more fun than the toys! :) Jacob was peeking through a hole and giggling like crazy while Anna meowed at him.

Then she would pop out and they would both shout with glee!

The tree:) Yes, the star is crooked...I tried forever to get it straight! I switched over to white lights this year and I really like it. I wasn't thinking and picked up white lights on white strands. At first I thought it would look bad, but I kinda like it. Makes it even brighter. It's possible that I put 7 strands of lights on the tree:D I am my mother's daughter!

I also got some new blue and silver ornaments. And I decided to try wrapping the tree in ribbon. I really like it.

Aunt Cheryl made this for Jacob. He found it right away and he loves it! :)

It's a bit blurry, but our decorations on the bookshelf. Finally have a place/use for those crystal hurricane glasses! (they're on the top shelf...I put beads and cinnamon-scented pine cones in them)

My Willow Tree nativity set. My in-laws have given me a few pieces every year for Christmas. I think last year was the final 'installment' (except for the creche (is that how you spell that??) which I told them to wait on til I have a mantle to put it on!). I love Willow Tree. And although the kids are NOT to play with it, it's nice that they're not porcelain or glass so if they do (and I don't see it) they won't easily break!

Our outside lights...I thought the B/W was kinda cool looking.

You can't see our tree through the front windows this year b/c of how our living room is arranged now. Aaron braved the roof to put up the icicle lights and I did the colored lights on the porch. I understand why people spend extra money for lights that when one bulb goes out the whole strand doesn't go out!!! Good grief. I musta spent at least 45 min. trying to figure out which bulb was out on which strand to get them all working. I just gave up and went with what was working already. Grrrr!!!

Again, Dollar General! :) I glued 2 bows together. One of these days I'll have a wreath on my door, but until then... :)

So now I have a DISASTER to clean up...but not til tomorrow!

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