Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Night Before Christmas

Empty manger, perfect stranger about to be born

Into darkness, sadness, desperate madness -- creation so torn!

We were so lost on earth, no peace, no worth, no way to escape.

In fear, no faith, no hope, no grace, and no light.

But that was the night before Christmas.

Warm hay, cold sweat; a mother not yet, praying God speed the dawn.

She looks to her man, holding her hand, they wonder how long?

And the shepherds, wise men come to find them and bow to a king.

One star above shining on love so bright it lit up the night before Christmas.

And the world didn't know mercy was meek and so mild.

And the world didn't know the truth was as pure as a child the night before Christmas.

The world didn't know redemption was sweet and so strong.

The world didn't know salvation was writing a song the night before Christmas.

"The Night Before Christmas" by Brandon Heath

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