Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun in the...SNOW!

Today, the wind finally quit so the kids got to play in the snow!!! Jacob was ECSTATIC! As soon as he woke up from his nap, I asked if he wanted to go play in the snow. He said (well, yelled is more accurate!) "Yeah!!!" and went straight to the door. As soon as his boots (THANK YOU Kim, for letting us borrow them! They're perfect!) were on, he wanted OUT! So as soon as I got him dressed, I let him outside. He went straight to the closest pile and plopped down and started eating! haha


But once Anna got out there, he saw how fun it was to run around in the snow instead of just eating it! :)

Or better yet, eating it and playing in it!!!

Big sister...she knows all the great things to do in the snow! SNOW ANGELS!!

Any undisturbed spot of snow, she would yell and run to make a snow angel. She said "Mama, you're going to have all sorts of snow angels!"

He still thinks eating snow is the best.

Anna saw the snow covered sand box and said "HEY! I wanna go slide down that hill!!" Poor Kansas girl...don't tell Daddy she thinks that's a hill...she probably thinks a real hill is a mountain!

She's had enough....Mama, it's cooooooold! By the time the sun started setting, it started getting pretty chilly. And their gloves weren't exactly "playing in the snow" gloves!

Yesterday, the kids "helped" me make cookies for Seth's birthday supper. This was the first time Jacob had been awake during cookie-making and he was delighted to be in on it!! He kept saying "more! more!" I was lucky to get 3 dozen out of the 6 dozen cookie recipe!!

Anna's an old pro at licking the beaters! :)

I knew they were too quiet for too long!!! I'd let Anna play with the tub of water in the bathroom and I knew Jacob was in there with her but I had no idea this is what they were doing! Jacob does NOT like having his hair combed, but he was letting her comb it for like 5 minutes! He was having a grand ol' time getting soaked from head to toe! And Anna was helping by fixing his hair...because of course she had to get his hair wet to comb it! He had water dripping down his face. But he didn't care one bit. Of course, it wasn't long after I took these pictures that he decided to dump the whole tub out. ON THE FLOOR! Oh well. It'll dry. They had fun! :)

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