Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

We opened our presents before we head out for our multi-state vacation! :) The kids have been surprisingly good about leaving the presents under the tree alone for the last 2 weeks. I was pretty sure Jacob didn't realize what they were...and I was right! We had to convince him to open the first one. But after he realized what they were, we couldn't keep him out of them!! I couldn't hide the other presents (the ones for family other than Jacob!) well enough. He ripped into 4 of them in a matter of a minute. It was like the tissues he used to yank out of the box...the second he heard you coming, he ripped even faster. Little stinker!!

He was pretty excited, especially since most of his presents had something to do with Cars!!

She didn't know exactly what this was, but she knew it had to do with Princesses!!

Same for him--CARS!!!!! (They're game boxes--they have about 6 different games and the little tub has wheels on it. I've decided they will be perfect for roadtrips!)

Any guesses what's on this little puzzle? Yep...Cars!

I caught her reaction on the video in the next post. Priceless. She had just asked for a guitar a couple weeks before (after we'd already gotten all of the presents). A friend of Aaron's got this as a gag gift at his company Christmas party, so he called Aaron and told him to come over--he could give it to Anna! Perfect!! Funny how God worked that one out:)

Jammin' out! :)

Our wonderful neighbors got the kids gifts, as well. Anna had been eyeing a Play-Doh set for over a month. I had intended to get her one, but never came across one at the right time. Good thing! Both Anna & Jacob LOVE it! I remember playing for hours with mine as a little girl.

If Jacob gets hungry, don't let him play with Play-Doh! He'll eat it up like it's a cookie!!! Yuck! He got a Cars (what else?!) book that has noise-making buttons (whatever those are called!). He loves it. We're off in the morning for our trip. We're looking forward to seeing a lot of family!! Merry Christmas!

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