Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas from Alaska!

We got our Christmas package from Alaska yesterday! But first, here are some other pictures...

Any guesses what he's watching?!? :)

Anna's Little People nativity. She was very excited to get to set it up in her room! (I think her babies are excited, too! hehe) And she obviously thinks Jesus' birth was in Alaska...maybe we need to brush up on geography?? ;)

One more (and I think the last!) decoration I threw up. I had extra garland and ribbon and this mirror was begging for Christmas cheer :D


And now for the Alaskan Christmas! :)

Hmmm....what exactly is this???

YAY!!!! It's a puzzle!!!!!
The coolest wooden puzzle nativity!

Anna was excited to get another Alaska doll!! She promptly named her Smiley because "she's smiling, Mom." Look at Jacob's face! He's plotting how he can torture his sister by stealing that doll when she's not looking!

And Aaron and I got some Hawaiian chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Oh. My. Goodness. We love these. They are so good. Good doesn't even come close! As you can see, Aaron was excited.

He's pretty serious about these things. You don't mess with him and his Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts! ;) He shared with everyone. And...they're gone already!

Thanks Erick, Jicks, John & Toby!!!

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