Sunday, December 20, 2009


I found this website through a "paid email" program I do (which I found out about from Money Saving Mom). I still can't believe they offer 100% free shipping. So I signed up (it's free) and looked around at their products. They have anything you need for household supplies...from the kitchen to the bathroom. I listed all of their prices on the products we buy and went to Walmart tonight to compare. I was very surprised that quite a few items were cheaper through the! And the others that weren't would probably add up to about the same cost when you factor in the fuel costs. I think this will be worthwhile, especially for the items I'm forever forgetting. Since we go to town for groceries anyway, there are some things that are still cheaper to buy at Walmart since I'll be there anyway. I need to check for their prices on diapers, but this website is cheaper than Walmart on Luvs (I didn't check the other brands). This site also checks for coupons for you and automatically puts them on your order for you. I don't know if they accept regular coupons on orders or not. Looks like I'll be checking into this site! A penny saved is a penny earned, right?? :)

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