Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Pilots

Well, this is how I figured out how to do can click on the picture and it should take you to a website where you can watch the video. Still open for ideas on how to get the video itself on here! :)

Fun in the Tub

I haven't had time to mess with the other video again--Staci, I tried youtube and it wouldn't upload. But here's a really funny one (to me, anyway!) of the kids in the bath tonight. They were having a grand ol' time :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lovin' the warmth!

Today was a gorgeous day for January!! It was jacket weather and we went for a walk to the store and then the kids played in the sandbox for a long time...I had to finally bring them in with MUCH protest!

*gasp* Is this a STICK???

Jacob: grunt
Anna: Tank you Jacob!
She was making me a birthday cake (even though my birthday is about 9 months away!)

My kids love being outside! From the time they were babies!!

If I can ever get the video to work...these 2 pics are a preview :)

Look at her cheeks!!!! I just had to laugh...over and over!


I need some tech support! :) I have a video that is a very large file, but I was able to download it to One True Media. But I can't figure out how to get it on here...I copy & paste the link OTM gives me, but blogger rejected it. ??? I've seen people use OTM before...Anybody?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jacob & Dora

Jacob absolutely loves Dora. Has since he was old enough to watch cartoons. And Anna has plenty of Dora toys for him to enjoy. Here you can see just how much he enjoys Dora (it's not 'til the end--he's watching a story on a projector)...:)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yucky Day

I don't feel a whole lot better today. Not much sleep last night and my stomach is actually sore from all the coughing. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be lots better. Should be after all the medicine they've given me!

This is how I felt today...maybe that's why Anna was making this face! I sure hope I can get more sleep tonight. She was actually playing, "getting" me when I snapped this.
She's been having fun snapping her own "pictures". And she won't take it until you say cheese! (I have no idea where she gets that!!)

After supper Jacob decided he wanted to walk back & forth between Daddy & me. He's starting to walk more and more. I think he's finally discovering that it's a little easier on his knees if he walks!! IT'S ABOUT TIME, BOY!

And yes, his diaper was very wet! Sagging clear to his knees!! haha It was funny.

Even though he knows how to pull the chairs out, I don't know how many times he does this EVERY day. Man, does he get mad, too. He won't crawl back down. He just lays there, knocking his head on the table yelling. It's like he's saying "MOM! Get over here and rescue me, for pete's sake!"

They have their moments...some better than others. Jacob was barely tolerating Anna using his head as a resting place for her wand. His face is hilarious. *sigh* The things I put up with from this sister of mine!

This is a good moment:) She can make him laugh so easily! He loves watching her run around and be wild, tickle him, etc.

And this face. Oh that just makes me tired! He is so ornery!!!!!!!!!

I sure do love him, though! What a joy he is:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More pictures :)

Because I love my new camera :) and I love my kids :):)

My blue-eyed girl.
A funny story about that stuffed animal. It was a Christmas present from her "aunt" Joyce. She and her family run a dairy farm out in Colorado and she picked this out thinking it was a cow. Anna opens it and takes one look at it and says it's a pig. It does have a short tail, but that could be a cow's tail too. Pigs don't have spots. Back and forth went the discussion among us! Anyway, Anna agreed that maybe it could be a cow, but maybe it's a pig. So she calls it "OinkMoo" HA! It's precious.

Blue-eyed tongue biter :)

The most recent movie we've gotten was Cars. Both of the kids love it (although I'm not thrilled with a couple parts). Now Anna zooms around on Jacob's tractor and says "I'm Lightening McQueen!!!! Lightening McQueen wins the race!!!" It's hilarious.

Have I mentioned that Jacob figured out that he can climb up on the chairs AND the table?? And he quickly figured out how to pull the chairs out. After lunch, he decided he was still hungry, so he climbed up on the table and had some more.

He also really likes playing with Anna's tea set (one of her THREE!). One of these days I'm going to catch a video of him "drinking" tea. It's comical, to say the least. He mostly just "stirs" and bangs a spoon around and he also really likes putting the lid on and off the teapot (and then getting it stuck inside the teapot!).

So Anna had her own tea party with another tea set. This set is off limits to Jacob, though!

This is what happens to the house when Mommy is sick and Daddy is tired (that's him on the couch). They sure are quick to make a MESS!!! But, we did a little teamwork and got all the toys picked up and put away (well, I'm not sure how well they're put away in the bedroom, but at least the living room is clean now!). Now I'm off to bed. This sick business is not fun.

Ladies Retreat

This past weekend, I went on a ladies retreat with our church. It was so nice to get away and be encouraged in God's Word! Our speaker, Kris is always so encouraging and practical...just a great speaker. The weekend's theme was relationships (Rules to the Relationship Road--I hope she makes it into a Bible study!!). The main premise is that if our relationship with God is not right, none of our other relationships will be right. As women, we so often try to fill a void for joy with other people and things, that was always meant to be filled only by the God that created us. Even our husbands cannot fill that void. So we have to stop trying to make them! :) Some highlights of the weekend:
  • Our expectations (of others) cause problems. We need to be quiet and let him/her (our husbands, friends, etc.) hear the Holy Spirit.
  • If I'm going to love others as I should, I must worship God as three things: Creator, Sovereign, and Savior. Too often we're too casual about our own sin and too impassioned about others' sin.
  • The key text was Ephesians 4.

We must learn to yield:

  • Change is healthy: Paul encourages believers to walk worthy of our high calling--humble, tolerant, and gentle...I must diligently work to have peace in my relationships.
  • The Trinity should be our example for relationships: unity, humble, working together
  • Relationships takes us beyond our normal strengths!

We must learn to stop:

  • We are commanded to no longer walk as an unbeliever. As Kris said: Paul doesn't tell us to pray about, to have a group study about it...he simply tells us to STOP IT!
  • I am on assignment by God to bless those He has put in my path.
  • Ask yourself every day "Am I enjoying God?"
  • Be a good listener (duh!)
  • Slow down and evaluate your relationships.
  • STOP the sinful behaviors. Kris said we all have our "pet" sins. We must STOP those and replace those behaviors with something else. We give the devil a foothold with those "little" sins and that is a dangerous thing to do!
  • Eph. 4:29 (go read it!)...she gave this illustrations--a dad gave his two children a tube of toothpaste and 2 paper plates and then left the room. He came back later and, of course, they had all the toothpaste squeezed out. So the dad told them "Okay, now put it all back in the tube." Of course, that is impossible. He said that toothpaste is just like our words. You can never "put them back"--ever.
  • Not forgiving others shows that I don't understand what I've been forgiven. Jesus allowed himself to be tortured FOR save ME.

If I forgive, I promise to:

  • Not bring up this sin and use it as leverage.
  • Not repeat their sins to others and then sin, myself, by slandering.
  • Not dwell on the sin.

  • Forgiveness is an event and a can't just "forgive and forget". But I need to hate my sin as much as God does.
  • Forgiveness is NOT peace at all costs.
  • There's a difference between an apology and asking for forgiveness. An apology implies that it was a mistake. (I've been working on this with Anna.)

What a growing weekend it was! She had quiet time questions to work through and those were challenging as well. I would highly encourage you to look at Kris' website and pick a Bible study to do (either on your own or with a group--she has CDs and DVDs with them) or even get her to speak at your next women's event at your church. God has used her in mighty ways and she is a humble, willing servant.

Anna's 'horses'

A couple weeks ago when Grandpa & Grandma Wallman were here, Anna and Grandma played outside and built a corral for Anna's 'horses'. They were picking up sticks from the yard and somehow ended up doing this. Anna has an incredibly vivid imagination!

Here she's opening the 'gate'--a stick perched precariously between the sandbox and the chair!

Riding her 'horse'--she was insistent that her baby came outside with her and rode along. :)

The corral. I was going to go back out later this week and take better pics with my new camera, but the wind, sleet and snow we've been getting yesterday and today knocked it all down. She hasn't seen that yet...every time we'd walk by it (it's right by the carport), she would check to make sure the gate was still closed! :) I have a feeling we'll be rebuilding the corral if it ever warms up!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A lazy Sunday :)

My sleeping angel :) She is so precious to me!

He bites his tongue on a regular basis these days. It's too cute!! I asked him if he was biting his tongue and he shook his head and said "huh-uh" ha!

He still gets SO excited when Veggie Tales comes on!!! He squeals, kicks his feet and about hyperventilates! It's very funny.

She thinks it's pretty funny, too. Especially when Larry falls over at the end of the opening song :)

SO CUTE!!! We went with
Kim's family to a nursing home this morning to do the service with them (I got recruited to play the piano). It was a blessing and the residents enjoyed seeing the kids :) I tried to get them to look at the camera, but if Anna was looking at me, Jake was looking at her and (as the picture shows!) vice versa! Do they not both look incredibly ornery?! Kim's husband did a great job with the message (on Psalm 1:1-3) and Aaron did a wonderful job keeping Jacob occupied in the lobby!! He gets so curious, that when he's in a new place it's impossible to keep him contained!! He wants to check it ALL out.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I wanted to test out the new video feature on my camera...I've never done a video on here before...:)

This is my precious daughter being SILLY in the tub (I have no idea what she's talking about--hot dog game?? She was just pouring water on the ledge, but what an imagination she has!! I love it!)

Don't forget to pause the blog music before you play the video!

Ta-da! :)

I finally got a new camera! :) Our video camera (that my parents let us borrow their old one--how old is that one Dad?) went ka-put. So we looked at getting a new one, but Aaron said he thought I should just get an upgraded digital camera w/ video option. So I've gone from a 3.2 megapixel camera to a 10!!! The difference is crazy. AND we got it on huge sale! :)

And no, this picture is not to show you the verse taped on my mirror (though you should memorize it! :))

This is with my old camera.

And this is my new camera! What a difference (to me, anyway!)

I'm off to bed. I'm so tired and can't kick this cough. I went to an AWESOME ladies' retreat this weekend and want to share about it, but not tonight...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm a girl, what can I say?

I think this new blog background thing might be like purses...even better since they're FREE! haha I think I've settled on this one though. I like it...for now:)
And is my site counter right?? It says over 5,000 (at least it did in my preview mode). What in the world is that all about?!
That verse from Psalm that is in my header--it's on a stained glass thing that Aaron's mom gave me after Anna was born. She found it while I was in labor with Anna and thought the verse was very appropriate for what I was going through (3 days of labor!). I guess over the last 3 1/2 years, it's kind of just become part of my kitchen window. I mean, I see it but I don't read the verse or think about it, ya know? But when I was editing that picture of the flowers, I saw that in the corner and realized what an awesome verse that is. How wonderful is it that I have a God who asks me to cast my burdens on Him??? And He promises to sustain me through my trials--whether great or small! What an awesome God I serve.
Okay, Jacob is screaming again:( Guess I better go see what the matter is...poor baby. He's usually such a great sleeper.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh my stars

How can he be any more boy?!? It's 11pm and he's awake. With horrible gas. Oh my goodness. I'm not even kidding. He is stinking up the entire house!!! He's happy as a lark...playing his piano and dancing around on his knees laughing like crazy, lettin' 'em rip! I'm going to have to light a candle in here. Gracious. At least he's not cranky, I guess. Anybody got a gas mask?? HA!

Yes, he has his foot on the table. Look at that look!!
PS-How do you like the new blog look? :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mama said...

...there'd be days like this. Oy! What a day it's been. Grandpa & Grandma were visiting and they left just in time! Jacob woke up at 5am and took forEVER to go back to sleep. Then Anna woke up puking. I've cleaned up more puke today than I want to think about. I've cleaned up more poop today than I want to think about. I've been puked on AND pooped on. IT'S NOT BEEN A FUN DAY. For any of us. Anna finally turned the puking corner a little after noon. She was so thirsty and hungry I had a hard time convincing her to take it slow. I don't know what Jacob's got--I don't think he's sick. Probably just his eye teeth coming in. Mercy! Does he ever have some N.A.S.T.Y. gas and diapers. I about gagged one time--and that's saying a lot!
But, when he wakes up like makes the day a little better.

She is so sapped of all her energy. Poor girl:(

I spoke too soon. Anna just puked all over the house. I wasn't fast enough with a trash can or to get her to the bathroom. So she's in the tub and Jacob is still in his crib--eating a roll of paper towels. Seriously. I can't let him out b/c I've got carpet cleaner sprayed all over the carpets. And he was starting to scream about being left alone...what's a girl to do?!
Poor Anna. She just keeps telling me "I'm not sick anymore Mama!"
I'm tired. And I should probably go take the paper towel roll away from Jacob. Aaron...are you home yet???????

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anna's FIRST Haircut!!!

Anna has NEVER had her hair cut. Ever. In her life. (A lot of people think she has, just because her hair is actually layered a bit. That's because the front half of her head was bald for a good 9 months! She had a "little old man" hairdo goin' on when she was a baby:)) She was adamant that she did NOT want one. Then the other day, completely out of the blue, she said she wanted a hair cut. The ends of her hair were getting pretty bad--split and tangly. So I called and made an appointment for both her and me.

The "before" so long!
I asked her how much she wanted cut...this was her answer! haha

Her hair is so long, Christy had her stand up so she could trim it. Anna was so good. She wanted me to get my hair cut first. She just sat there and talked to anybody that would listen (she's definitely coming out of her shell!!) and watched what was going on with me.

She cut a couple of inches off the very back, just what was "damaged".

She was soooo good to stand still and look down. What a big girl she is! :)

I really thought I'd gotten an "after" picture, but I guess not. And since she's sleeping, this is as good as you'll get! You really can't tell a difference except her hair is now straight across the back instead of angled down. It's still really long and she still looks like a little girl :) She told me today that she wants another haircut! haha No go on that, girlie!

My Boy :)

Jacob is so different than Anna! Not only the normal boy/girl differences, but personality. He is completely fascinated with anything that spins. Wheels, Anna's jewelry box ballerina, the wheels on his pack-n-play (that's sitting folded up in the hallway), wheels on get the drift:) He is ORNERY! He gets a NO or a 'pank...doesn't phase him. He'll fake cry and then turn around and try again. And again. And again! If he's someplace new, he has to investigate absolutely everything. It's exhausting to go on trips with him! He's not naughty about it, just so curious. But at the same time, he will sit and watch an entire episode of Dora without moving. He'll sit and look at books forever. He's very good about entertaining himself. He's also incredibly stubborn (hence the minimal walking and talking!). And he has a one track mind (I guess that's the same as his sister!) He's such a blessing and I love walking into his room after he wakes up--he's always standing there waiting for me. And when he sees me (or Anna!), he just jumps up and down and squeals with delight! What a joy he is to his Daddy and me!!

His comatose Dora watching :) He knows how to relax!

He still messes with the desktop, but he does like playing with his new "laptop". Mostly he just turns it off and on (pretty much what he does to the desktop!)

The other evening, both kids wanted to help me fix supper. Jacob can now climb up onto the chairs by himself, so we have to keep them pushed in--otherwise he's on top of the table in a flash, right Aunt Cara?! He's fast. He started out just stirring...
Hmmm...this looks kinda yummy...might have to try a bite!

I don't remember why Anna was grouchy (probably b/c she was hungry! She's growing b/c she eats like there's no tomorrow!). Jacob sure did have a blast being up there. He probably stood up there for 45 min!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Had to post this one

The boy knows how to get comfortable and watch some 'toons! :)

My Anna

This girl is something else. She is such a mix of so many people! She's all girl and loves her dolls and is such a little mother hen (that'd be me). She's a people-pleaser, always wants to be cuddled, and those blue eyes! (that'd be her Daddy) She can get so wild and crazy and just plain silly (that'd be her Uncle Jamie)!!

Exhibit A for wild & crazy mini-Jamie! She was so proud of herself for getting her shirt off...well, sort of! She got it over her head, and then she didn't know what to do!! haha. I have about 4 other pictures of her, but she was running around so much I only caught about 1/2 of her :)

Uncle Jamie & Aunt Cassie got her this really cute baking in a box thing. It's got a book about a girl and her perfect birthday cupcake, a whole bunch of kid-type recipes (though not super easy ones!), and some really sweet pink measuring spoons. She begged from the time she opened it to bake something! So last week, she picked out the cupcake recipe to make. We went to the store and got some things. Came back and made the cupcakes. The recipe said "Makes 6 giant cupcakes"...evidently that is equivalent to THREE DOZEN regular cupcakes!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. We frosted cupcakes forEVER! It was all from scratch, too. Frosting and all. They were pretty good considering a 3yr. old "made" them! :) We had to invite Kim and her kids over to help us eat some (and then she forgot to take a couple plates of them home!! Sorry, Kim!) So I had to take her picture with her prized cupcakes. She had a hard time smiling normally (this, she inherits from her father! He has such a hard time giving a normal, relaxed smile in pictures sometimes!!)

Anna, just smile pretty!

Anna! Open your eyes!!
Well, that's as good as it got that day! So here she is with her bizarre smile, proudly showing off her PINK cupcakes she made :)

Aaron wasn't sick. I guess that was the "hair washing bowl" for Anna's baby. Aaron had no recollection of her falling asleep (probably b/c he fell asleep long before she did!), but this is how I found them. Melted my heart:)

Even holding hands. She is such a sweet, sweet girl. I love her!!!