Monday, March 2, 2009


Have you ever had one of those "ah-ha!" moments? We're facing a decision right now and we're desperately trying to discern God's will for us. We've talked and discussed and weighed the pros and cons. We've prayed and prayed. We've asked others to pray for us. We've asked others for their wisdom. Tonight, I was struggling a lot. I really want to know that this is where God is taking us. I want to have that peace that surpasses all understanding. I want to KNOW that this is God's will for us. I couldn't sleep. Aaron & I talked for almost an hour. As I was laying there listening to his deep breathing, begging God for peace, I remembered something our pastor said this morning. It was after a lady sang a song called "Trust His Heart" (amazing song). The chorus goes like this:
God is too good to be unkind.
God is too wise to make mistakes.
When you don't understand,
When you can't see His plan,
When you can't trace His hand,
Trust His heart.
Pastor said When you can't see God's plan, what do you do? Do you try to find a way to make it on your own? When you can't sleep at night because you're thinking about stuff, what do you do? Do you get up and pray, do you read the Word, do you praise Him with music? What do you do when you can't trace His hand?
AH-HA! So I got out of bed, bundled up under blankets in the recliner and opened God's Word. I was flipping through the New Testament, reading here and there, skimming titles, reading the underlined verses, when I came across Philippians 4:6. I have had this verse memorized forever it seems. I'm sure I learned it in Sunday school or VBS as a young child.
"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made know unto God."
Praise God that we can be anxious for nothing. That we can tell God our requests and be thankful for what He'll do. What a privilege it is to be a child of our great and mighty King.

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Teresa said...

What are the big plans??? Yes, that verse needs to be tatooed on my forehead, if I'm not reciting it to myself my husband is "reminding" me of it. Hoping you are finding God's peace.